Quality Management

The basis of all factories
begins with
quality management.

This is the quality data management platform for SPC and first/middle/final management.

The Start of the Smart Factory

The systematic management of quality data through NEXSPC is the start of a smart factory.

Computerized data

The production process is managed systematically through the computerization of design drawings, specifications, work orders, and test reports.

Reduced paperwork

Data collection, statistics, and view based on DB and big data are carried out, reducing paperwork as well as reducing the risk of loss.

Production efficiency achieved

Costs are reduced through efficient quality management resulting in improvement and standardization of the production process.

First step to the smart factory

Due to its reasonable price and simple instructions and application, it is suitable for companies that are starting off their smart factories.

“It is a lightweight and rational quality management platform that fits the scale of our factory”

– NEXSPC introduced to Company “D” –

Main Functions

  • General information management
  • Measurement record management
  • SPC analysis
  • Monitoring
  • Automatic measurement collection and judgment (NEXAgent)
  • Web monitoring
  • Test result (report)
  • System I/F

Use Cases

An SPC and LOT tracing system is introduced to satisfy our customers’ demand for quality improvement.

  • Quality improvement through automatic feed and supply devices
  • Introduction of 3D measuring equipment enabling precise quality measurements and linkages with SPC
  • LOT tracing and management system is introduced, enabling quality trace

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