MES provides the most efficient method of using data in the production site.

The manufacturing execution system (NEXMES) allows the operator to see the actual business flow from the input of raw materials to shipment through the recording and management of data.

The #1 and most frequently requested product in the smart factory support project

Many customers who participate in smart factory support projects consider the establishment of MES as the top priority.

Response to a problem in real time

The production process is managed systematically through the computerization of design drawings, specifications, work orders, and test reports.

Automated data collection

Automated data collection throughout the entire process reduces paperwork and prevents data error and non-data input.

LOT tracing

Tracing of data of the relevant product enables a root-cause analysis to determine in which process the problem occurred, further improving quality.

Reasonable solution

The implementation period is relatively short in comparison to that of other companies. Clients enjoy the freedom of selecting only the necessary functions applicable to their businesses, which reduces costs and installation time.

“The management of factory floor becomes much easier, satisfying users.”

– NEXMES introduced to Company “W”–

Main Functions

  • General information management
  • Production plan management
  • Production and defect management
  • Collection of production information from the floor
  • Material and inventory management
  • LOT management
  • Monitoring
  • Facility management
  • Quality management

Use cases

NEXMES is implemented on the existing ERP to supplement production, quality, and operation efficiency.

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