Factory Energy Management

Energy cost savings lead to increased factory profits.

The factory energy management system (NEXEMS) monitors the flow of energy and optimizes energy to the production site.

Visualizing the energy flow for an advanced smart factory

The energy unit can be managed by optimizing the power for production equipment.

Draw optimal energy

The most efficient energy consumption is drawn by monitoring power quality and determining the influence between power consumption and output.

Determine the reason for excessive energy use

When the fixed energy consumption is exceeded, an alert is signaled to help identify and solve the cause of excessive energy consumption.

Mainly operate high-efficiency equipment

The power and output are identified in real time and productivity is improved through the optimized operation based mainly on high-efficiency equipment.

Energy cost monitoring

Clients have visibility of the unit energy cost and the energy cost for energy usage by the measuring equipment and power line.

“Optimized equipment operation is carried out through the analysis of the correlation between productivity and energy.”

– NEXEMS introduced to Company “L” –

Main Functions

  • Overall energy status
  • System screen
  • Measurement screen
  • Energy cost
  • Energy quality
  • Energy consumption trend
  • Productivity and energy status

Use Cases

The energy consumption of the customer was reduced by 60% in comparison to the previous level by identifying
the trend and effectively managing the target.

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