Total Monitoring

NEXPOM can cover

the management and operation of the factory status from A to Z.

The total analysis monitoring platform (NEXPOM) plays the role of the control center in a factory. NEXPOM enables an integrated operation through a single monitoring screen without the inconvenience of managing each system separately.

Wake Up Your Data Discover Potential Value

Data has no value if it is not utilized properly.
NEXPOM offers first-rate business value among accumulated data.

Integrated monitoring platform

Various systems can be integrated and monitored by loading the NEX-series family product on the NEXPOM.

Provide process status in real time

The status of facilities and factory can be monitoring in real time, and if a problem occurs, an alarm will be provided immediately, enabling a prompt response.

Flexible dashboard configuration

The widgets on the dashboard can be configured and modified freely for user convenience, and the contents of the dashboard can be provided in a report.

Analysis and prediction through machine learning

An element that affects the production can be identified through the analysis of the correlation between each piece of data and the occurrence of a defect and an error can be prevented through the predictive analysis.

“This is a model that fits the factory scale and offers the freedom to select essential detailed configuration functions. The solution reduces the burdens of establishing a smart factory.

– NEXPOM introduced to Company “L” –

Use Cases

Optimized factory operation indicators are provided through process monitoring and the analysis of the data correlation by implementing the processing of the entire process in the dashboard.

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